The dog days of summer


Yeah, have you wondered like I, why dogs and the summer are in the same line? what does this idiom mean? Do dogs behave erratically on hot summer days? Do they bark louder in summer than when they are in winter? Is it related to saying dogs have their days in summer following the quote – every dog has its day? What ever it is that comes to your creative mind, I want to take the effort to tell you the actual meaning and save you the time it takes to google it and click on the myriad links.

Long long time ago ( yeah, I really mean long time ago), when humans were not as smart as we are today and when the weather was sultry and scorching or elegantly put summer, it all started with the observers in the bordering countries of Mediterranean. The sky observers observed that the dog star, Sirius, which is the brightest star in the constellation named Canis Major, was in conjunction with the sun on one of the days in July and August. Following this coincidence, people started believing that the suffering and frustration during the period, 20 days before and 20 days after, of this conjunction was related to the Dog star. Yes, there is a causation issue in this observation, but that’s how the name has found its way into our society. Now that you know the meaning of dog days of summer, it’s time to do some teasing with your friends. ‘Til then enjoy ‘The Dog Days of Summer’.

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