Camera conundrum


By now you might have already understood what I am going to write on this blog post. Yes, it is about choosing the right camera that suits your needs and fits within your constraints such as cost and ease of use. Many of my friends have asked me what camera I use and following that they ask which camera would you recommend. Purpose of this post is to answer some basic questions and to give a bit of technical details for novices. I want to keep this post simple and an easy to use guide for beginners and not clutter with information about gazillion types of cameras available out there.

When you first think about buying a digital camera you start at the cross roads, because in the current market only two companies offer the top notch digital cameras. And,they are Canon and Nikon. Personally, both the cameras produce exceptional image quality. By saying that I made it tough for you to choose a camera between one of them. But, once we get into the details and project them against your needs and interests it will be easier to choose. Ok, let’s get to the point. I have three simple points I look for when buying a consumer digital SLR camera.

What is the purpose you want to buy a camera for? Do you want to get into the hobby or just take pictures on special occasions? In any case, I would play safe here and buy the one at the very bottom of the line of camera products they offer. Once I make sure that I have good grasp on using all the settings the camera has, next time you will automatically be able to upgrade your camera based on your experience of using this basic model. Rebel T3 and D3200 are the basic DSLR models from Canon and Nikon respectively. Keep in mind that both of them have almost identical features. Even if they differ in some aspects it wouldn’t change the quality of the picture much.

Canon’s Rebel T3 is priced at $360(body only) and Nikon’s D3200 is priced at $480(body only). The price difference is because Canon has not updated it’s model from Q1’11 where as Nikon released it’s model in Q2’12.

Another very important point to consider is, 99% of the buyers like to keep the same brand for the rest of their lives. This is partly because of ‘brand loyalty’ and mostly because by the time they decide to switch cameras they would already purchased several lenses of that brand which makes it difficult to completely replace the gear.

When I looked at the pictures from both Canon and Nikon, Canon produced more saturated pictures with the exact same settings which appeal to the viewer more than the pictures taken by Nikon. This doesn’t keep the Nikon cameras on aside, the strength of Nikon is in it’s excellent line of lenses and strobe lights. If you can throw in more bucks and want more fancy features there are other options available from both canon and Nikon. Canon offers Rebel T4i and 60D to suit the needs and in the simila range Nikon offers D5200 and D7000.
I can keep on throwing out points about the strengths of each brand but the bottom line is if you want to be a casual photographer I would choose canon and want to become a pro I would go for Nikon. Feel free to drop an email if you more questions or want to discuss further details at

PS: The above mentioned points are just my personal opinions and are not intended for any monetary purposes.

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