Why should you try MOOCs.


Many of you might already know about the recent trend on the internet. Ok, it is not facebook nor it is twitter. It is MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses), such as the courses offered on coursera or edx. These websites are offering some of the best education for free to learn anytime. And I made an attempt at learning one of the courses called ‘Introduction to Finance’. I should say it has been quite an experience to gain powerful knowledge from some of the best professors in world. I would highly recommend to check it out and you many find some very interesting topics. Here is my experience on one of the courses I took from coursera. 

I finished my final exam in Introduction to Finance course-offered on coursera-yesterday and I passed it :). I enjoyed this course completely for several reasons. Firstly, even though the course covers the very basics of finance, it is taught at a very slow pace, enabling me to not feel the burden of both full time work and course work. Secondly, the professor taught this course with such a passion that a real life analogy is that a banana is peeled and even supplied to my mouth, and all I had to do was chew it and digest it. Wow, it took me some time to come up with that analogy. Lastly, I personally like to know how money works and how is it managed professionally. I am sure others will have many other reasons for liking this course. There is a lot that you will learn from this course if you are a beginner or have the slightest curiosity to know time value of money. This also gives you a reason why you should start investing ASAP. I should say I am more knowledgeable now about the ‘awesomeness’ of finance. Compounding, Time Value of Money, Risk vs. Return, and Net Present Value are some of the very powerful concepts that I got from this course. And, these are some of the concepts on which most of the today’s finance relies up on. Ok, that’s enough jargon. Check it out for yourself while I go and figure out how much money to invest in my 401k.

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