Innovation vs. Tradition

Innovation vs. Tradition – this has been a lingering thought in my mind for quite a long time and I want to shed some light on this thought by converting it into a written form through this blog. Do these two methods co-exist? – ‘yes and no’ is the answer I think best fits this scenario. Let me take you through a deep dive into my stance. Almost always innovation emerges from breaking traditional ways of doing things and that necessitates the survival of one over the demise of the other. I have a strong presumption that innovation is doing things differently, i.e., in a nontraditional way. Even though my argument is loosely constructed at this time, I would like to add strength to it by weaving more and more supporting arguments into the conclusion.

Let’s take a simple example of commuting – the subject I want to use for this example is bicycle. As you might have observed, bicycle has evolved into a marvel of engineering advances. In the 1980s, bicycle can be thought of as a easily assembled sturdy metal parts.

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